Company Analysis – Pidilite Industries

Company profile and SWOT analysis  prepared by SKBKS  for “Pidilite Industries Ltd” contains company overview, key facts, SWOT analysis,  key management information, primary and secondary business, geographic presence, product portfolio, key strategic initiatives and developments, overall financial status, and similar company data. Apart from providing data, SKBKS also makes an analysis of the data and provides detailed information regarding company trends and strategies with a forecast for coming two years.

Pidilite Industries


Pildilite industries is a dominant player in India’s growing adhesive and industrial chemical market with a market share of 70% in its leading brand categories in the organised segment. The company is growing its international presence through acquisitions and setting up manufacturing facilities and sales offices in important regions around the world. In Nov’15, Pidilite Lanka (Private) Limited acquired the business and brand of Chemifix from CIC Srilanka.  It  entered into a sales and distribution tie-up with the US-based WD-40 Company, which makes household chemicals (including its signature lubricant brand WD-40) that solve problems in workshops, factories and homes around the world.
Pidilite’s revenue growth has been tepid for the last two years due to slowdown in end-user industries such as furniture, footwear etc. Pick-up in growth rates of the end user industries (as discretionary consumption revives in India), will propel revenue growth rate in the next few years.


  1. Corporate Overview

– Company History

– Business Structure/ Overview

– Management

– Milestones

– Major Merger & Acquisitions (five years)

  1. Product and Services

– Product and Services Overview

– Product Mix

  1. Key Business Strategies

– Marketing Strategy

– Financial strategy

– Effective Sales & Distribution Channels

– Market Positioning Strategy

– Value Pricing Strategy

  1. Financial Highlights

– Five Year Financial Summary

– Financial Performance (Interpretation-Performance of the Company or the quarter ended and financial year ended)

— Revenue Changes (Revenue Growth/ decline-in Volume and Prices)

— Revenue Summary by Geographical distribution/ Segmental

— Analyzing Cost Changes (Cost Structure Analysis)

— COGS (Increase or Decrease)

— Selling General & Admin expenses

— Salary & Wages

— Interest Income/ Expenses

  1. Ratios and Market Indicators

– Solvency, Operational Efficiency and Efficiency in use of Capital Assets

– Stock Analysis

— Relative Market Cap Performance

— Owner Structure (Share holding pattern)

  1. SWOT Analysis

– Strength

– Weaknesses

– Opportunities

– Threats

  1. Competitive Analysis

– Competitors (Peer Comparison-at least five companies)

— Key Financials (Sales, EBITDA, PAT)

— Cost Structure

  1. Future Strategies
  1. Future performance Analysis

– Forecast for two year

  1. Concluding Discussion (Outlook)

– The Industry (Market Size & Growth)

– Trends & Drivers

– Company outlook

– Analyst view

List of Figures

  1. Product Mix
  2. Company performance (5 years)
  3. Revenue by Geographical Distribution/Segmental
  4. Cost Structure (as percentage of sales)
  5. Raw Material Mix
  6. Stock Performance (Relative performance)
  7. Share Holding Pattern (latest quarter ended)
  8. Peer sales

List of Tables

  1. Management
  2. Major Mergers & Acquisition
  3. Product and Services
  4. Financial Highlights (Five year)
  5. Key Financial Ratios
  6. Financial Performance for the quarter and year ended
  7. Cost Structure (as percentage of sales)
  8. Stock Statistics
  9. Peer Comparison (as percentage of net Sales)
  10. Earnings & Income Estimates (two year forecast) 

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