Dental devices – growth drivers, challenges, technology advancements, industry forecast(HYIT – Healthcare – 2016)

The Indian healthcare market including dental equipment and devices, currently ranks among the top ten markets in the world. There are around 1,80,000 dental professionals in India, over 300 dental institutes and over 5,000 dental laboratories. The Indian dental market is vast, extremely dynamic and is expected to have a growth rate of 20 to 30%. The value of Indian dental equipment and laboratories market is about US$90mn annually.

The current dentist to population ratio in urban area is 1:9000 and in rural areas it is 1:200000.  Given the relatively low ratio of dental technician to dental population, there is a huge opportunity in India for any country to maximize the investment potential that exists in India. It is also expected that India will be the single largest country for dental materials and products in the future.

The market research report on dental devices is a significant segment in HYIT- Healthcare – 2016 released by SKBKS. The market research report for dental devices starts with a basic overview of the dental devices industry which includes definition, classification, benefits, applications etc. It focuses on Global and Indian market providing information such as market size, structure and share, market trends and growth drivers.

The report further provides historical data and forecast statistics with necessary tables and figures. The publication puts across the important statistics on for the past, current and future status of the industry.

Table of Content

  1. Market Overview
  • Introduction
  • History/ Evolution of the product
  • Uses/Applications
  1. Market Dynamics
  • Market Size & growth
  • Share of organized and unorganized players
  • Demand and Supply of the product
  • Key Drivers
  • Restraints
  • Opportunities
  • Challenges
  1. Global Market Scenario
  • Analysis of current market Scenario globally
  • Global Market by Demography
  • Key Market players (Share)
  1. Indian Market Scenario
  • Analysis of current market Scenario
  • Key Market players/ Specific product name or brand
  • Market share
  1. Exports/ Imports
  • Major Countries Export/ Import
  • Quantity Export /Import (over five years)
  1. Competitive Landscape
  • Porters five force Model
  • Analysis of current and upcoming product categories of high growth rate within the industry.
  • Analysis of technology development and applications.
  • Competitive analysis of key market players.
  1. Government Policy & Regulations for India.
  2. Analyst view.

 Note: Figure and Tables provided wherever necessary

What is HYIT?

HALF YEARLY INDUSTRY TRACKER (HYIT) is a unique biannual periodical from SKBKS encompassing market research reports on trend setting products in 20 diverse industries. Each issue of HYIT comprises of industry specific selective products (six in number) researched and analyzed, providing useful and valuable market insights both at national and international level.

HYIT –Vol. 1 of Healthcare industry HYIT –Vol. 1 of Healthcare Industry covers the segments which include polio, stem therapy, surgical equipment, dental devices, mammography and cosmetic surgery.



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